Sunday, April 13, 2014

The 5774/2014 Pesach prep party progresses

He failed his annual stress test :(
I sent my husband out to the not-so-local kosher supermarket for some last-minute Pesach shopping, and he came home empty-handed because he was attacked by yet another kidney stone.  :(  I'm sorry to say that I wasn't surprised.  Fortunately, the Percocet is working, so we'll be spared a trip to the Emergency Room.  But my resident CPA will be filing extensions for the rest of his tax clients, rather than risking running around tomorrow before Yom Tov.

Simchat Bet HaShoeva, so to speak, considerably out of season :)
We bought granite counter-tops for our renovated kitchen for the precise purpose of being able to kasher them for Pesach by pouring boiling water over them.  It was a messy process, but I'm delighted that we'll be able to put our Pesach pots and other kitchen items directly on the counter-tops for the first time ever.

Anyone need some large plastic boxes?
We got smart in our old age and removed all the Pesach storage boxes from the tops of the bookshelves last year, since we're at an age at which taking heavy items down from high shelves is no longer a good idea.  But now that the boxes are permanently ensconced in their new home on the the floor, I've discovered that we need drawers, not boxes--it's a pain in the neck to have to lift one still-heavy box to reach something in the box underneath.  Back to the store we go--probably after Pesach--to buy portable, stackable drawers.


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